• We love our multi-award winning Fall + Regrowth Shampoo so much that we designed a special trial only because we know you will love it too!

    Multi-Award Winning Shampoo for Hair Fall + Regrowth

    Fall + Regrowth Shampoo (150ml)


    Reduces Hair Fall

    Promotes Hair Regrowth

    Rejuvenates Scalp

    Regulates Oil Production


    Prevents Premature Greying

    Adds Volume and Shine

    An everyday essential that clears blocked hair follicles and gently cleanses scalp and hair to reduce hair fall in its tracks.

    Awarded by Experts, Reviewed by You


    "Have actually been using it for 2 years now. Very happy"

    -BioRoyale Customer

    "...it's worked wonders for not just my hair, but my scalp too! My hair feels and looks more awake and there's a noticeable bounce and liveliness to it. My friend who recommended it to me has had considerable hair regrowth too...it's much fuller looking and he looks 10 years younger!"

    -BioRoyale Customer

    "Used this thanks to a recommendation and my hairfall has reduced significantly within weeks! I now share this with my friends and family."

    -BioRoyale Customer

    "I've always had frizzy hair and hair loss problems (especially when I tie it up too tightly) but this product makes my hair feel so good! Much smoother and silkier so I'm more willing to let it down instead of tie it up now! Also, it smells pretty good, not like those harsh salon products."

    -BioRoyale Customer

    "Fantastic product. I felt good volume and texture in just a week. super high quality product."

    -BioRoyale Customer

    "Genetics vs. this product... The product won!"

    -BioRoyale Customer

    Backed by 25 years of Research