• Fall + Regrowth Overnight Hair Oil (30ml)


    Reduces Hair Fall

    Strengthens Hair

    Promotes Hair Regrowth

    Restores Moisture

    Fights Dandruff

    Rejuvenates Scalp

    Nourishes hair Roots

    An plant based formula that improves the blood circulation of the scalp and provides essential nutrients to the follicles to ensure healthy scalp and beautiful strong hair.

    Awarded by Experts, Reviewed by You


    "Have actually been using it for 2 years now. Very happy"

    "...it's worked wonders for not just my hair, but my scalp too! My hair feels and looks more awake and there's a noticeable bounce and liveliness to it. My friend who recommended it to me has had considerable hair regrowth too...it's much fuller looking and he looks 10 years younger!"

    "Used this thanks to a recommendation and my hairfall has reduced significantly within weeks! I now share this with my friends and family."

    "I've always had frizzy hair and hair loss problems (especially when I tie it up too tightly) but this product makes my hair feel so good! Much smoother and silkier so I'm more willing to let it down instead of tie it up now! Also, it smells pretty good, not like those harsh salon products."

    "Fantastic product. I felt good volume and texture in just a week. super high quality product."

    "Genetics vs. this product... The product won!"

    Active Natural Ingredients


    Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to heal scalp conditions that cause hair fall. It provides deep conditioning and is an excellent moisturizer for hair.


    Increase Circulation to the
    Scalp to Promote Growth
    Castor Oil is rich in omega 9 fatty acids. It goes deep into the pores of the skin and provides nourishment to both hair and hair follicles and increases circulation to the scalp to promote hair growth at a faster rate.


    Stimulates Scalp
    Arnica is known to be an excellent wound healer and it is great for your scalp too! It stimulated metabolism and circulation of the scalp which promotes hair growth.


    Promotes Healthy
    Hair Growth
    Lavender promotes healthy hair growth and is used for its calming and soothing effect. Its antibacterial action keeps the infections away from scalp.


    Promotes Faster and
    Thicker Hair Regrowth
    Almond oil is one of the most nutritious oils. It is rich in Vitamin D, E, fats, calcium and magnesium, and can be easily absorbed by hair. In addition to its softening action, almond oil also acts as a natural moisturizer. It helps hair grow thicker and stronger.


    Treats Damages and
    Brittle Hair
    Jojoba is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair, including Vitamin C, B and E, as well as copper and zinc. It helps to moisturize and strengthen the hair, preening dryness that leads to hair loss.