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    • 1. Where can I get BioRoyale products?
    • In Singapore, you can buy your favourite BioRoyale products at Four Seasons Marketplace and a few select salons. You could also order online on platforms like RedMart, Lazada, FitLion and our own website
      Globally: You could order online our website We have complimentary shipping services to most countries!
      Please note that all discount coupons and vouchers are valid when you order via the BioRoyale website only!
    • 2. Does BioRoyale really work?
    • It is trusted as a hair fall and hair regrowth solution by thousands.
      With ingredients like argan oil, arnica, tea tree oil, saw palmetto, green tea etc. in the play it's very difficult for the products not to work.
      In fact, they work so well that we were awarded The Singapore Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2017 for The Best Thinning oil.
    • 3. How do I use the BioRoyale range of products?
    • The correct method for using the products are as follows:

      Step 1: At night, take a few drops of Overnight oil on your palm. Dip your fingertips and massage the oil onto your scalp. Leave in for a minimum of one hour or overnight for best results and shampoo after.

      Step 2: Wash your hair the next morning using Fall + Regrowth Shampoo. Apply the shampoo to your scalp and hair. Leave for a minute or two and then rinse.

      Step 3: Apply the Fall + Regrowth conditioner on your hair working through to the ends. Avoid applying the conditioner on your scalp. Leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse well.

      Step 4: Towel dry your hair. Take a few drops of After Shower serum on your palm. Dip your fingertips and massage the serum onto your scalp.
    • 4. I wash my hair at night. When do I apply the Overnight Oil?
    • If you wash your hair at night, you can apply the Overnight oil an hour or two before you wash your hair. Wash your hair with Fall + Regrowth Shampoo followed by Fall + Regrowth Conditioner. Towel dry your hair and apply the After Shower Serum.
    • 5. What harmful chemicals should I be avoiding?
    • Most chemicals used in hair care products are actually quite harmful not only for your hair but your overall health too. This is the reason why BioRoyale advocates a 'No harsh chemicals' policy! No Sulphates / Parabens / Coal Tar - Lookout for products that do not contain any of these invasive chemicals. These chemicals may cause rashes and are potentially carcinogenic!
    • 6. Will BioRoyale suit my hair type?
    • I have treated / permed / dyed hair - BioRoyale is suitable for treated / permed / dyed hair. Chemicals, heat and dyes tend to damage hair. BioRoyale has natural ingredients which decrease damage. The natural moisturisers restore moisture in the hair to make them look voluminous and improve shine.

      I have dry hair - BioRoyale uses the finest natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Almond Oil to treat damage and dry hair.

      I have oily scalp - The ingredients in BioRoyale products help to unclog pores and reduce excess oil production.

      BioRoyale is suitable for all hair types. It treats dry and damaged hair, it prevents split ends and gives hair the extra nourishment it needs.
    • 7. How can I get offers and discount codes?
    • You can subscribe to our members club and be updated with all the latest news from BioRoyale. We shall let you know all the latest offers and contests that we conduct.

      You can also like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram
    • 8. How long does shipping take?
    • We usually ship your orders within 1 - 2 days.

      For Singapore - shipping takes 1-5 business days. During holidays or events it might take a little longer.

      Globally - Shipping usually takes 1 - 3 weeks depending upon your location. During holidays or events it might take a little longer.
    • 9. Can I change my order details? Do you ship to Post boxes?
    • We always recommend trying to enter the correct details when you order, because unfortunately we might not be able to change them at a later date. If you have entered any incorrect details, please do try and contact us via Facebook Chat or and we will always do our best to help.

      At present we do not ship to Post boxes
    • 10. What payment methods do u accept?
    • We accept the following payments methods:


      Credit / debit cards
    • 11. How do I know my orders are accepted?
    • After placing your order and making payment, you will receive an email order confirmation, which confirms your order number, name, items purchased and delivery address. You will then receive another email once your order has been dispatched with the tracking code.