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Vanilla Luxury

Asia and its waters not suiting your hair? There is finally a solution to hair care problems that are unique to this side of the world...

The Business Times

You know it is serious when The Business Times start to take interest in hair fall products! Natural, Sulphates/Parabens free products seem to be prevalent in the business elite.

Her World Plus

Try these foolproof ways to stop your thinning hair from falling out. Been there, done that. Now here's what really works.

Women's Weekly

"If he's experiencing hair loss like 63 per cent of men in Singapore, get him started on the path to regaining his crowning glory with the BioRoyale starter kit..."

Lemon Film

"Don’t worry about the quality of hard water and the minerals present inside. BioRoyale has a series of hair care products to regrow and strengthen your hair..."


"Okay, is Papa becoming botak? He’s not alone – over 63 percent of men are balding in Singapore. Your father, who's probably too vain to admit it"

Marie France

By now, we are all aware that different climatic conditions can affect your skin's health, but did you know that it can actually cause hair fall too?...


Cancer is terrible. As terrible as it gets! We are active supporters of the fight against cancer! We do the least we can by helping post-chemo patients grow back their hair with non-invasive products.

SHAPE Magazine

Hair loss is scary business. By Dawn Chen


Mummy Blogger: Xavvy-licious

Apart from the various factors that was mentioned in the hair loss and scalp care post, do you know that the quality of water which we use to wash our hair also have certain effects on our hair?

Singapore Cancer Society

BioRoyale is super proud to be a supporting member of the Singapore Cancer Society!


BioRoyale GroBack Haircare: Can You Stop Hair Loss?


My Lil Bookwork

5 Tips on How I Manage Hair Loss - BioRoyale Hair Groback Products

The "Perfect" Father

Some times it is Dads turn to make decisions for the family. This blogger daddy decided enough was enough and revamped his look with a set of new hair thanks to BioRoyale!

The J Babies

BioRoyale Saved My Hair!


Simply Mommie

Ever heard of the 60-second hairfall test? Mommie Blogger Angie took the test before and after using BioRoyale see how it worked out for her!


One of the most famous line of products by the pros! Celebrities all around love BioRoyale.

Buro 24/7

"Whether dad is blessed with a thick and healthy head of hair or is seeing some premature balding, he'll appreciate this set of hair loss essentials that include a shampoo, conditioner, after shower serum and overnight treatment."

Run Magazine

Runners are always on the lookout for good hygiene products, whether it be odour-repellent or foot powder. This year, with global warming on the loom, we are always game to try good hair products that you can use after a long training session.

Marie France

Is your dad losing his sleek black hair to the dreaded clutches of age? Restore his youth with BioRoyale's powerful haircare products, promising to invigorate one's scalp and boost hair growth.